NOTE: FL Studio is currently presenting issues with Sessionwire's Plugin Suite. Some users report FL Studio locking up with instantiating a Sessionwire plugin, others report FL Studio loading the plugins well, but saving a session with plugins instantiated and opening the same session cause FL Studio to lock up. We are currently chasing the issue down with Image Line.

There are many use cases and workflows for each DAW when integrating Sessionwire for remote collaboration. We have created templates for each DAW to give an idea of what routing should look like in order to avoid feedback loops between users connected in Sessionwire Studio.

It is recommended that all recording be done on the performing side of the Sessionwire call - meaning one side needs to have a DAW open to record in, while the other simply monitors the performance through Sessionwire.

Until the issues with FL Studio have been resolved, we will not host templates as they will not reliably open with the Sessionwire plugins instantiated.

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