Can I use Sessionwire while I'm on wifi?

The short answer? Yes! The long answer? You may not experience the best call quality.

Sessionwire was designed to be used on desktop devices as well as mobile devices - which implies that wifi or cellular data will suffice for a successful Sessionwire call. 

Wifi and cellular data may indeed be sufficient for a Sessionwire call however we ALWAYS recommend ethernet with wifi turned off when possible.

And we know what you're thinking - "But Zoom/Skype/insert-another-video-communications-platform-here doesn't require ethernet!" We don't require it either! 

Sessionwire is built differently than other video communications platforms. There are no servers between participants nor are there buffers as with services like Zoom and Skype. This means that ANY interference with a wifi or cellular signal may cause artifacts in the call - or worst case, the call may disconnect.

Sessionwire is a professional communications platform aimed at professionals in the audio and video industries. You wouldn't connect a $50,000 vintage C12 microphone to a priceless vintage console with a $300 wireless microphone transmitter would you?