Do I need a DAW open to use Sessionwire?

In short, the answer is no! Read on to find out why you might want to use one.

We are asked repeatedly whether it is necessary to have a DAW open in order to use Sessionwire.

Our short answer is - no! You do not need a DAW open and running in order to use Sessionwire.

Many users do mix reviews this way - the producer or mix engineer has a DAW running with Sessionwire running alongside it and they're streaming the mix to a remote client who has joined the producer/mix engineer via their Invite Link.

In order to begin communicating immediately after a Sessionwire call has been placed, we recommend setting the Talkback Audio stream settings just like you would for any video communication software - Zoom for example.

Sessionwire defaults to the host system's default input and output device(s) for the Talkback Audio Microphone and Speaker. In the image below, the default Microphone and default Speaker of the host machine is an audio interface. 

If the interface has a microphone plugged into channel 1, it can successfully be used as the Talkback microphone in Sessionwire and any Talkback audio streamed from the remote end will be heard through the interface as well.

In the image below, the Microphone of the Talkback Audio stream is set to a webcam - this webcam has a built in microphone, while the Speaker for the Talkback Audio stream is the audio interface plugged into the host machine. This is the simplest and quickest way to get Talkback Audio streaming back and forth on a call. 

Each participant of a Sessionwire call must choose appropriate settings - the settings may not be identical system to system due to software and hardware differences.