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Known Issues

A list of known issues in the Sessionwire ecosystem as of v2.3.0 (March 24 2022)

Sessionwire Application (Windows/macOS)

  • Changing Talkback Audio is not possible while actively screen sharing.

  • The Sessionwire application currently requires that at least one video driver be installed in order to properly establish a peer-to-peer connection. Find out more here.

  • Mirroring local video while screen sharing results in the local screen sharing being backwards - this does not affect the video being shared remotely.

  • When a Sessionview participant is in an active Sessionwire call, and a Sessionwire user exits fullscreen, the app repositions itself after a brief delay (macOS Monterey only)
  • Core audio drivers (not limited to but including Sessionwire drivers) may sometimes disappear from system settings requiring a restart (macOS Monterey only/M1 machines)
  • Some users report that the File Transfer system stalls or freezes when transferring a file - we are currently investigating and implementing a solution.

Sessionview (beta) (Windows/macOS)

  • Display Names are not currently displayed - only the "host" is labelled. This is changing in an upcoming release.

  • Because of how automute currently functions in the Sessionwire application, when streaming audio from the host computer, any Listener on Sessionview using monitors to listen will pick up the host's DAW audio and feed it back to the non-host in the peer-to-peer call. Having all Sessionview Listeners wear headphones during a session will fix the issue.

  • After quitting a Sessionview call, CPU usage may remain high on the Host machine until Sessionwire has been quit and restarted.

Sessionwire Community Website

  • When signing in for the first time (or accepting an invite and signing up) the connections list may appear blank until the website is reloaded

Avid Hybrid Engine (Windows/macOS)

Avid's new Hybrid Engine disables native plugins when in use, rendering Sessionwire's plugins inoperable while the Hybrid Engine is in use.

Turning off the Hybrid engine when streaming audio is needed resolves the issue.

Digital Performer (Windows/macOS)

Digital Performer 10/11 requires the Sessionwire plugin GUIs to be open and visible in order to successfully pass audio between DP10 and the Sessionwire application.

This is a known issue with Digital Performer 10/11 that is not specific to the Sessionwire application - MOTU is aware and working on a solution.

LUNA (Windows/macOS)

In order to route audio both in and out of LUNA, UA's ARM technology must be disabled. Audio Units plugins are disabled by UA when using the ultra low latency monitoring built into UA devices.

Apogee Audio Interfaces

Due to Apogee's drivers being unstable, users have reported not seeing their Apogee interface show up in the TB and HQ audio options in the Sessionwire application.

They have also stated that streaming audio out of Logic Pro X while using an Apogee Interface is not possible.

We are actively pursuing the issue with Apogee.