How does Sessionwire compare to Zoom?

Looking to make the jump to a superior remote collaboration tool? Here's a quick look at what separates Sessionwire from other communications platforms.

Musicians, producers, engineers and creatives alike have all attempted to cobble together a solution that allows them the ability to collaborate remotely over the internet. 

Sessionwire is the only solution in the world that brings everything needed to communicate and collaborate effectively remotely into one tool.

  • An industry first separate, unprocessed high quality stereo audio stream
  • Simple, static URL to invite clients and other guests into a personalized Sessionwire Studio at the click of a button
  • Drag and drop, encrypted, peer-to-peer file transfer system
  • Invite other Sessionwire Connections to your Sessionwire Studio at the click of a button
  • Slack-like Sessionchat 
  • Special "Listen Only" Broadcast Link for concerts, masterclasses and webinars
  • Screen sharing
  • Ability to build your personal Sessionwire community - find other Sessionwire users using Sessionwire Discover

If you have questions about what's to come with Sessionwire, please reach out to