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Release Notes

Release Notes Release notes for the Sessionwire Ecosystem

v2.3.0 Release Notes (March 24 2022)

A maintenance release.

v2.2.0 Release Notes (Feb 1 2022)

New Features

  • New sign up flow with Google and Facebook sign in options

  • New link/unlink Facebook and Google options in My Account 

  • New delete account option in My Account

  • New Sign In, Sign Up, My Account, Recover Password and Reset Password pages

  • New notifications for "Missed Incoming Call" and "Unanswered Outgoing Call"

  • New notification timestamps to indicate how long ago each notification was sent

  • Performance improvement for faster website loading times

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a connection list issue where users with a large amount of connections were sorted in batches instead of by online and alphabetically
  • Fixed an issue where clicking Audio I/O Refresh while screen-sharing crashed the Sessionwire application
  • Fixed call stat notifications remaining and not being reset after a call has ended
  • Fixed audio meters overlapping with the file transfer drag and drop
  • Fixed file transfer progress not displaying alongside other notifications
  • Fixed an issue where calling someone and immediately hanging up would show an infinite spinner on the remote user end
  • Fixed connection requests not completing when inviting by email
  • Fixed the connection page not showing connections when first signing in on community.sessionwire.com
  • Fixed an issue when clicking My Profile in the app opens a blank browser page if logged in as another user
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the app settings menu
  • Fixed incoming call countdown timer running in an infinite loop


v2.1.1 Release Notes (Dec 3 2021)

Sessionwire Application

  • Local video quality setting

    • Low (Save CPU and Bandwidth)

    • Standard

    • HD

  • Screen sharing frames-per-second setting

    • 5, 10, 15, 30

  • Mirror local video setting

  • Added ring buffer logic to AAX and VST3 Windows plugins

Sessionwire Community (Website)

  • Fix password reset for users with certain email addresses

Sessionwire Plugins


Sessionview (beta)

  • Stability fixes

v2.1.0 Release Notes

Sessionwire Application

  • NEW meters that allow for easy troubleshooting of signal flow to and from the Sessionwire application

  • NEW network diagnostic tools that indicate network signal strength, network Round Trip Time (NOT audio round trip time), Packet Loss and jitter

  • Stability fixes

Sessionwire Community (Website)


Sessionwire Plugins


Sessionview (beta)

  • Stability fixes

v2.0.0 Release Notes

Sessionwire Application

  • Email notification for Connection Requests

  • Refresh I/O button

  • Call connection refreshes all audio I/O

  • Fixed minimum window size (macOS)

  • File transfer and Screen Sharing now available in Creator plan

  • Screen Share and Chat buttons swapped places

  • Reaction Emoji feature active

  • Control buttons resized to 80% size

  • New Connection search and Invite by Email tabs

  • Audio routing labels in drop down menus clarified

  • Bug fix - connection request not being sent

  • Bug fix - alerts not showing with a pending/existing connection

  • Bug fix - mute state not showing remotely when automute is triggered

Sessionwire Community (Website)

  • Sessionpass - purchase Artist level features for a set number of days

  • Sessionpass Tab on My Account page

  • Sessionwire Discover pagination

  • Email notification for Connection Requests

  • Bug fix - billing portal redirects to account billing

Sessionwire Plugins

  • 96kHz compatibility fixes



v0.0.15-beta.9 Release Notes

Sessionwire Application

  • New i/o system alerts when you unplug an audio/video device

  • Current Sessionwire plan appears as watermark in the top left of video pane

  • Clicking Sessionwire logo directs you to your profile on the Sessionwire Community site

  • New settings -> Community menu provides links to various sections of the Community Website

  • File transfer now works from members on the Creator plan when sending to Artist

  • Succesful connection requests immediately appear in the Connection list

  • Connection requests can now be accepted during a call

  • When in Sessionview local and peer videos are now correctly sized

  • Reset to Factory Settings clears existing settings and logs you out (useful for troubleshooting)

  • On new installation or factory reset HQ Audio output should be assigned to your OS system default device

  • Improvements to Screenshare and Picture in Picture UI

  • If you are logged into the Sessionwire App on another computer, the Sign Out button allows you to sign out on other computers and login

Sessionwire Community

  • My Account allows you to change both display name and email

  • Display name and email will only allow unique values on the Community platform

  • The Forgot Password feature recognizes your email

  • When signing up as a new member on the Artist plan you receive a 7 day free trial