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Sessionwire Application Start Guide

A quick overview of Sessionwire's basic functions and how to make sure the Sessionwire Application is set up to stream audio

It is important to note that Sessionwire is a piece of professional audio software and does take some time to set up properly with a DAW - we recommend taking some time familiarizing yourself with the Sessionwire ecosystem well before booking any recording sessions involving Sessionwire.

The connection between two users on a Sessionwire call essentially consists of three data streams - the Talkback Audio stream, the Video stream and the HQ Audio stream (an Artist membership feature).

The Talkback Stream can be compared to the audio stream of most major video communication platforms - it has noise suppression and echo cancellation on it to prevent feedback loops should you be monitoring through speakers.

On installation, the Talkback Audio stream Microphone and Speaker are set to the host system's default input and output devices. Typically that will be a built in microphone/webcam microphone and an audio interface or headphone output respectively. This allows immediate communication between users when a call is connected. See image below for examples in both Windows and macOS.


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The HQ Audio stream defaults such that the Source for the HQ Audio stream is the Sessionwire Send plugin, and the Destination of the HQ Audio stream (from the Remote side of the connection) is the system's default output device. This allows each user to simply place the Sessionwire Send plugin on their respective Master Fader in their DAW to begin streaming audio to one another. There is no need to use the Sessionwire Receive plugin unless more advanced workflows are desired. See image below for examples of the default settings in both Windows and macOS.

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In order to begin streaming HQ audio - place the Sessionwire Send plugin on your Master bus in your DAW. The user that you are connected to simply sets the HQ Audio Destination of Sessionwire to their monitoring device. (Use of the HQ audio stream requires an Artist membership)

We will be developing and releasing new support and education material on a weekly basis, so keep checking back for additional walkthroughs, templates and more!

If you think a particular piece of support material is needed, please don't hesitate to let us know using our Feature Request form.