What are the minimum system requirements for Sessionwire?

A brief overview of system requirements to run Sessionwire

Sessionwire, our desktop application, has been rebuilt from the ground up to be both macOS and Windows 10 compatible.

macOS Ventura and Windows 11 are not officially supported as of Nov 1 2022 - but users report Sessionwire functioning

CPU requirements vary depending on usage - heavy mix sessions require more CPU with may affect the performance of the Sessionwire application.

​We also recommend that both machines on a Sessionwire call are connected to the internet via Ethernet with WIFI turned off.

Mac Minimum Recommendations

  • Intel Mac with macOS 10.13.X (High Sierra) or later 

  • Intel Core i5 processor

  • 16GB RAM or more recommended

Windows Minimum Recommendations

  • Intel/AMD PC Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise 64-bit editions

  • Intel Core i5 or Equivalent

  • 16GB RAM or more recommended

A note about Sessionview (beta)

Sessionview (beta) is our URL Listening feature, where a URL can be generated and sent to anyone who wishes to monitor an active peer-to-peer session via a web browser (Google Chrome recommended). 

While Sessionview is functional at this stage, it is not yet fully optimized. Each Listener that joins via a Sessionview URL puts more load on the host's computer - the host's computer broadcasts 3 data streams to each URL Listener. 3 Listeners x 3 data streams = 9 data streams in total. In order to reliably use Sessionview, we recommend that the host (call initiator) be using a newer machine due to the resources currently needed to stream to the Listeners.