What if I don't have a webcam?

Sessionwire currently requires that at least one video driver be available in order for the application to establish a proper connection.

If no webcam is available, we recommend installing EpocCam's free desktop driver/software. EpocCam allows the use of a phone as a webcam via wifi or USB connection, and is free to download and use.

Steps to install and use EpocCam:

  1. Close the the web browser with Sessionwire if it is open.

  2. Download the EpocCam macOS installer or the Windows 10 installer here.

  3. Install EpocCam on your computer - no need to restart your computer.

  4. (Optional) Download the EpocCam app to your phone from the App Store.

  5. Start Sessionwire and ensure that EpocCam appears as an option in the Video dropdown.