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What is Sessionview (beta)?

A brief description of Sessionview - Sessionwire's URL monitoring feature


At this moment, Sessionview URLs can only be generated once in an active peer-to-peer call using the Sessionview URL Generator button in the Remote pane of the Sessionwire application.

"How can I have someone listen to my session without having them install Sessionwire Studio?"

This is one of the questions we are asked most at Sessionwire, and Sessionview is our answer.

Sessionview is our URL monitoring feature that allows you to create a URL to send to Listeners anywhere in the world. These Listeners can drop in on an active session via a web browser with both talkback audio between all parties AND video! That's right, everyone in Sessionwire Studio and Sessionview will be able to see and hear everyone else, allowing for easy visual and auditory communication when conducting mix reviews, doing remote overdub sessions and many more applications.

Currently, HQ audio is only broadcast to the Sessionview Listeners from the "host" side of the peer-to-peer connection in an active Sessionwire call - the non-host's HQ audio will not be heard by the Sessionview Listeners at this time.

For the best experience while joining via the URL, open the URL in Google Chrome. Other web browsers may not stream audio and video correctly.

At the bottom of the Sessionview webpage, there are settings to change the talkback input source, video source and a slider to adjust the host's HQ audio level.


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More controls and features will be released with subsequent updates to the Sessionwire ecosystem.

Sessionview currently requires that two users be in an active call app-to-app, meaning two users have to have the Sessionwire application downloaded and installed, then call each other before generating a Sessionview URL is possible.

Once in an active call, the Sessionview URL Generator button is located on the Remote side of the Sessionview application.

NOTE: Sessionview does require significant resources on the host's computer. Because the host is broadcasting Talkback and HQ audio, as well as video to every Sessionview Listener, it is recommended that Sessionview be used with a maximum of 1-2 participants if you are using an older computer.