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What is Sessionwire?


Sessionwire both refers to the entire ecosystem of the application, website and plugins, as well as the Sessionwire application.

The Sessionwire application is our cross platform application that facilitates collaboration over the internet. Combining a video stream with a talkback audio stream and high quality audio stream, you'll feel like you're in the studio looking through the glass when connected to a peer.

Current features include:

  • Talkback audio stream with echo cancellation and noise suppression

  • High quality, encoded video stream

  • In app, persistent chat (coming soon)

  • High resolution screen sharing

  • Picture in Picture mode - pop out your peer's video and minimize the Sessionwire application window - their video will stay visible in a small window that you can move anywhere

  • High Quality audio stream** for streaming audio from one DAW to another across the internet

  • Sessionview URL Link Generator** - have your peers, clients or producers drop in on your session by simply sending them a URL they can open in a web browser

  • Drag and drop file transfer** - simply drop a file on your peer's face to send it to them through Sessionwire Studio

  • Built in automute** - When streaming audio to your peer via the Sessionwire Send plugin, Sessionwire can automatically mute the outbound and incoming talkback audio, meaning you and your peer can listen to what's happening in your DAW without using headphones to minimize bleed

** - Only with the Sessionwire Artist membership